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Talk Therapy Harbor

Be heard. Feel safe.

Meditation by the Sea
Beach at Sunset

Individual Session

Relief and Hope

Clients are:

  • Frontline professionals who help others and want to continue giving without burning out. This includes Medical and Mental Health Professionals, Educators, Law Enforcement and First Responders.

  • Shift, craft and ex parte workers looking to find work/life balance while away from loved ones 12+ hours a day.

  • Adults that want help with depression, anxiety, and work/life stress.

  • Adolescents and college age students struggling with fitting in, motivation, achievement, study skills and college/adulting preparation.

Relationship Session

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Clients are:

  • Couples feeling frustrated and lonely who want to learn how to fight fairly, improve communication, and increase affection and intimacy. 

  • Parents struggling with adolescent or adult child behaviors including withdrawal, failure to launch, substance use and manipulation.

  • New parents feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and alone.

  • Couples preparing for marriage or cohabiting including family values, finances, in-laws, boundaries and expectations.

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